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The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice by Paige Pendleton

He’d bonded with the child. It was foretold, and so it would be. Black Ledge is inhabited again, but not everyone in the Realm is pleased. As the Driscolls settle into their new home they meet magical Beings, discover secrets, and exasperate the Elven Guard. They’re having a great time. Charm turns to alarm when they meet Doris, the Acadian Water Witch, who’s removed the Alabaster Chalice from its watery grave. The Noctivagi, drawn by the artifact’s Water Magyk, seek the Chalice for their own nefarious purpose, and mayhem ensues. Eleanor, Rob, Jack, and Flora fight time and tide to return the Alabaster Chalice to the Undine Prince before the darkness steals it.

There are quite a few series that I have to read all of the books in. Janet Evanovich’s Plum series, The Guardian series by Katie MacAlister, and Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling all come to mind. There are other books, of course, that I enjoy all of in a series but if we’re being honest here (and we are), unless something reminds me to buy the next book that comes out, I’m not going to remember to do it. I’ll buy them all day long if the next is out when I finish the book that I’m on but there are only a few authors that I remember to look up every couple of months to check on their progress of my own personal drug. And there are only two that I think of so often that I stalk follow them online. Paige Pendleton joined the ranks of these authors the day I read the first sentence of her first book, The Keeper and the Rune Stone. I started stalking following immediately. I wrote my first review of a book outside of the hollowed halls of school because I had to tell other people how amazing it was. I still do that. Any time I see someone wanting a recommendation of what to read, this book comes to mind. All I can say about this is…

Harry potter, you will always have a place in my heart. But thanks to The Black Ledge series, you have a whole new world of playmates.

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Saturday morning was momentous for I woke up to a message saying this book was now live. It was the moment I had been waiting months for and yes, I totally fan-girled out. I squealed and had a huge grin on my face for well over an hour. You see, The Black Ledge Series is wonderful. If you haven’t read the first one, The Keeper and the Rune Stone, then you really need to. It tells the tale of four children who become “aware” of the world around them. Wakening in them the ability to see all the Beings around them that are out there. Things happen and the children are needed to help set it all right. I said it in my review of that book months ago and I’ll say it again: Gunnr is my favorite character in this series. That didn’t change with the second book and I’m happy to report that he’s in this one even more!
The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice continues where The Keeper and the Rune Stone The Keeper and the Rune Stone (The Black Ledge Series) left off. The children, Rob, Eleanor, Jack, and Flora, are out of school for the summer and are guaranteed to get into plenty of trouble. I would say that it finds them when they least expect it but… They kind of go looking for it sometimes. All in the name of the greater good, of course.
Eleanor is working with Gunnr (a Noctivagus – read: a vampire) who, along with the Queen of the Elves and Camedon (did you know that Camden, ME is named after him? Little known fact for you there.), think she is more special than she realizes. Without giving away spoilers, since I hate reading reviews containing them, it’s hard to say much about a book other than it was great. So I’ll leave you with this:
Warning: This book contains Elves – some evil and some awesomely great, a Keeper that has more things to do than time, a witch that can change her appearance to suit her inner feelings, an old dragon with more bark than bite, Brownies that *try* to stay hidden, a seal that reminds me of the turtle in Finding Nemo (but smarter), and an ancient gargoyle named Motte that I’d love to be friends with.
If you want to know how all of this ties together then you should buy The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice. In fact, you should purchase both books in the series (so far) and read them for yourself, to your kids, or even start a library group reading to kids that aren’t yours. You’ll inspire a love of books from a tiny spark that is The Black Ledge Series.

Find out more about Paige Pendleton and her books by following the links below. You won’t regret it. When you click on her Facebook link, be sure to say hi!

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