Monday, July 8, 2013

Noble Lies by Stephanie Andrassy

16115067It is not much of a fairy tale at all. Her eighteenth birthday has arrived! Sweet and beautiful Jez must now marry a man that she has been matched with since birth, but she knows little about him. It is hard enough to leave her loving childhood home, and travel under the protection of the arrogant Guardian. When she also comes face to face with dark truths, she realizes the secrets she must now carry, and the lies she must now tell. To do otherwise would destroy the peace that the nation has enjoyed for many decades, place her family in danger, and end her marriage before it even begins. Dutiful and handsome Michael is trying to prepare for the arrival of his unnamed bride, but it is proving to be a challenge. His heart is already deeply entangled in a forbidden love with the graceful hazel-eyed Sophia. If they were ever to be discovered, their families would be ruined. The Tradition is a requirement for all young nobles; arranged marriages dictated by the powerful Church and kept sealed until the wedding. To fail in marriage is not an option - it is heresy! And they are being watched - closely. When fate conspires to present an alternate course, noble hearts can be reluctant to blindly accept what has been offered as the plan of God. But they are not the only ones motivated to deceive. For generations, the Church has held a firm grip on its position as the one true voice of God, and it would like to keep it that way. Closely guarded secrets are hiding behind Cathedral doors; some worth killing to protect. For Jez and Michael, the simple act of marrying their match becomes complicated...and deadly. Not everyone will live happily ever after.

 Have you ever read a book that you thought would never end? That no matter how many hours you spent on it, there were more to come? Noble Lies by Stephanie Andrassy was that book for me. In a good way. Wait. Scratch that. In a GREAT way. You were sucked in and felt like you were living their lives with them. When Jez cries, you feel your eyes grow moist. When Michael is an idiot, you want to slap him.   When a child is born, the church decides who will be a perfect match for them. Some matches are close in age like Jez and Michael while others are further away like Jez's brother. Which actually made me wonder about nature versus nurture. Is her brother refusing to grow up due to the fact he doesn't need to marry right away or was he matched to someone much younger to allow him the time the church foresaw? I'm quite curious about this.   Only the noble class is matched, which seems to be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you are given someone that is supposed to be the perfect mate to you. On the other, what happens if you fall in love with someone that is not your betrothed?   The church that makes the matches escorts the young soon-to-be wives to their future husbands' homes. Unfortunately, there is evil lurking in the house of the church and many young wives and husbands have felt this. Scared to speak up, they must keep completely quiet lest their new family become disgraced.   Will something happen to Jez? Is Micheal going to make the proper choices in the end? Will the church stay tainted forever or will the purge the evil from their midst? I'll never tell, but I'd be happy to discuss it with you after you grab your copy of Noble Lies.   You can purchase Noble Lies from Amazon by clicking on the title. Please go find the author, Stephanie Andrassy, on facebook (since we know you spend a lot of time on there anyways) and tell her Home Venn sent you. While you're at it, stop by and give us a like as well! We LOVE hearing from you.