Monday, July 8, 2013

Element, Part 1 by CM Doporto

Element-Part-1-853x1333 College freshman, Natalie Vega, offers to be a test patient for several vitamins and supplements created by Kronberg Laboratories, a large pharmaceutical company where she interns. Immediately her body starts going through physical changes but when she runs into her former high school crush, Ryan Garrett, she is unaware of the life altering affects he will have on her.              

 When I read the blurb for this book, I knew it was something I wanted to read but it wasn't until I actually started it that I realized how much I loved it. Element, Part 1 was extremely well written and, unlike other books I've read from Amazon, it wasn't riddled with typos or grammatically incorrect sentences. The story moved just a bit fast for me to buy it completely but that could have been because there didn't seem to be much of a timeline involved. I wasn't sure if the relationship developed over the course of a month or 6 months. That's honestly my only issue with the book. I'd love to know just how much time had passed from the start to the end. All in all, I loved it. And I promise that if you give this book a chance, you might too. Natalie, a college freshman, is suffering from heartbreak from her high school boyfriend when she sees an old crush turn up at an orientation for the job of her dreams. They've both had their hearts broken and aren't ready for relationships but are drawn to each other regardless. Strange things start happening to Natalie each time she's near Ryan but neither of them think anything of it. Until the very end, that is. Which is exactly where CM Doporto leaves us with a cliff hanger. Stuck, biting our nails, wondering what on earth Natalie will tell Ryan and if they will work through their issues and figure out what is going on together.   Note: I'm actually re-reading Element, Part 1 because the second book is newly out. Before I start that one, I really want to revisit this one to make sure that I'm still all caught up. When you read 20 - 30 books per month, you can sometimes forget the small details and I really don't want to do that with these books! Don't forget to check back later in the month for the review of Element, Part 2.   You can catch up to C. M. Doporto via her Facebook page or through her author page on Amazon. While you happen to be on Amazon, feel free to click over and grab the book here!