Thursday, August 8, 2013

Soul Broker by Tina Pollick

After literally bumping into a gorgeous stranger, Mackenzie succumbs to a night of passion with him. When she wakes up, he’s gone. But that’s only the start. Three years later, the stranger, Drew, shows up—and she’s pissed.

Drew isn’t all he seems, either. An evil greater than he can battle alone wants something that belongs to both Mackenzie and himself. Their daughter. They fight to find a way to keep Drew’s master from taking Sophie, while battling his fellow soul brokers who are fighting for their freedom.

Unable to defeat his master alone, Drew asks his father for help. Will they survive long enough for his deal to be brokered? Or will they succumb to the evil of Drew’s master?

My Take:
Soul Broker by Tina Pollick is a short story that follows Drew, a demi-god that is a servant in the bowels of hell to a woman that is several fries short of a happy meal. I kind of like Demoness Olesha. Sure, she's a sadistic bitch and all but... You have to admire a woman that knows exactly what she wants. 

It all starts out when Drew is on earth to get a mans soul for his Master. He spots Mackenzie, falls instantly in hard-on, and the rest is history. They live happily ever after.

No, wait. That's most romance books. This isn't like that at all. 

After a night in Mackenzie's arms, Drew is abruptly summoned back to his Masters presence, leaving Mackenzie to wonder what happened. Three long years go by with Drew being chained to a wall for daring to fall for someone that wasn't his Master until one day Olesha sends him back out with a new mission. Will he see Mackenzie again? Will she forgive him for leaving her in the middle of the night? Or will she run screaming in the opposite direction when she realizes just what Drew is getting her into?  

I liked this book. The characters seemed really well developed for a novella-length book, the editing was pretty darn good, and the plot was enough to keep you guessing. I enjoyed how little details suddenly made perfect sense the further into the book you get. I'm 100% positive that I'll be reading Tina Pollick again. From the first blurb I read to the last line in the book, she kept me interested.

I'm rating Soul Broker four stars. The only thing keeping it from five is that it didn't leave me yearning for more of Drew and Mackenzie. I enjoyed it immensely and would gladly read more of their story, but I didn't go to bed dreaming of them or wake up wondering what is happening in their lives now. 

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